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Pay on Results SEO

Unlike most SEO Companies, we don’t ask you to enter into a long contract with zero guarantees of 1st page placement.

At Digital we stand by what we say, we won’t start your rolling contract until we get those page one results for you!

Sound fair? We thought so.

Online Marketing Singapore

Online marketing is an ever changing, ever evolving market driven by changes in buying habits.

At Digital we can offer you a single point of contact for all of your online marketing needs, we don’t dabble in a number of disciplines, we call on the best people we can find in each field to deliver results for you

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who are we?

Digital First Aid is a digital creative.

We know that for an online brand to be successful, a number of disciplines needed to be integrated into an overall strategy, that’s why we offer a lot more than SEO services. We know that every visitor to your website is a potential sale and we help you maxamize your potential to close that sale.

As a company we have over 12 years collective knowledge in: SEO, Brand Development, Online Marketing and Social Media across every conceivable business sector. At Digital First Aid we have the expertise to help you reach your goals.

Edwin Smith
Co-Founder & CEO

What we are good at


Your business must be visible to succeed, SEO can make that happen.

Web Design

Your website is your shop window and first impressions really matter!


Conversion Rate Optimization is the science of converting visitors to customers.

Brand Development

Brand Development, a brand is much more than a logo!

Reputation Management

85% of consumers will check for reviews online before making a purchase...

Social Media

A Social Media Package is the way to increase your company profile online.

Why you Should choose us

We have the right skills

Name a business sector and you can be assured we have experience in that sector and a successful track record.

Dedicated Account Manager

You will have a single point of contact for all your needs, a dedicated account manager who knows your account in depth.

We're Good at What We Do

You can see that we know websites and marketing, simply put, we are good at what we do and can bring that expertise to you.

why digital first aid

Is My Business Mobile friendly?

Mobile friendly Matters!

Mobile Friendly

No Mobile Friendly tag means demotion in search engines.

Local SEO

Searches from smartphones favor local results

Chat Support

Having a live chat available can increase inquiries and conversions.

Responsive Design

Smartphone Searches are as high as 68% in some sectors!

Google Maps

A strong Google places listing will display your business on smartphones.

Do I Need an App

Will an App increase inquiries and conversions for your business?

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