The Importance of Brand Development

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Brand Development is positioning your company as the go to guy in your market sector

What is Brand Development?

Brand Development is, to many executives an imprecise science, something that they struggle with because they find it difficult to quantify in an age of analytics and sales data.
They are aware of the massive brand development campaigns of behemoths such as Coke and Pepsi but find it difficult to relate this approach to their business.

An Example of Good Brand Identity

Think of someone skying, bright day, crisp snow, high in the mountains, I bet they’re wearing Oakleys.
Think of someone at the beach on a jet ski, sunny day, blue water and I bet they’re Oakley sunglasses.
Think of someone on a road or mountain bike, what are they wearing? Oakleys of course.
Oakley has become synonymous with sports and activity eyewear. The company is a perfect example of good brand development; Oakley targeted a sector of the market and through good brand development, now dominate that market sector.

Brand development and identity doesn’t get much better than this
example of good brand development

Oakley is a big company but it wasn’t always so, their philosophy of excelling in marketing for their chosen market and continually driving their brand development and brand identity, is a model a business of any size can follow. The principals are the same whether you are a multinational corporation or an SME, only the budget differs.
Fortunately we can work to any reasonable budget, the only restraining factor is your ambition!

We are in the age of inbound sales…

Marketing in the Inbound Age

There was a time when a significant percentage of sales were outbound; cold calls, telemarketing and good old knocking on doors. Today’s sales environment is very different and a significant number of sales come from inbound leads. Inbound leads are usually red hot but have a very short lifespan because you are probably not the only company contacted. However they are from a prospective customer who want’s what you sell, but because inbound leads are passive you must have a strong Brand Identity to get you a clear advantage over the competition.
Get your brand identity right and people may consider you as an authority or go-to-guy for what they need, and that is invaluable.

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