Consistency for Good Brand Development

Consistency for Good Brand Development

Brand Identity

Brand Identity is an essential component of Brand Development. Being instantly recognizable across every platform, device, social network and printed media will build trust with potential customers and make sales easier to close.
You should strive for uniformity for your:


Your logo should be simple, unique, easily recognizable, even at small resolution, such as favicons and avatars. No complicated designs with lots of lines, that simply won’t work well at different resolutions. No knights on horses with a shield and lance (yes we have encountered this). Clean and simple, using your company colors is what works.


The font you use on websites and printed media can become a recognizable part of your brand identity. The font on your website should portray how you wish your company to be perceived. Write in a comic style and you won’t be taken seriously unless you are a clown for hire.
Make fonts readable and precise, no one want’s to work hard to read your website or literature.


What are your brands core colors? stick with them and don’t chop and change or present a different pallet at any time. short of a re-brand or brand refresh, work from a pallet and don’t change it!

Tone and Positioning

Where do you position your brand: industry expert, cheap and cheerful, witty with a hint of sarcasm? The tone or voice of your company should be the same whatever you do. You can’t be known as a straight talking industry expert them morph to be a sarcastic cheeky chappy overnight. Your client base may react in a negative way. If you change your tone, it needs to be in a big way, a relaunch with your new demeanor is the only way to successfully achieve that.


We have addressed logos but what other design factors identify your brand? layout, use of white space, location of calls to action and ancillary services. These should, where possible, remain uniform across all forms of media.

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