Do I need a new website?

Do I need a new website?

A website that is not constantly updated to be competitive and to maxamise conversions is a ticking time bomb for your business.

There’s an old salesman’s story about procrastination.
A boy and his grandfather were at home one day when a rainstorm blew up and the roof, which had many holes in it, let rain drip through onto the floor.
Surrounded by pots and buckets slowly filling with water Grandpa said “When that rain stops we gotta get up on that roof and repair it.”
Next day the sun shone and the boy went to visit his grandfather. “Shall we repair the roof today Grandpa?” asked the boy. “Why?” Replied Grandpa, “It’s not raining!”

Everyone can appreciate the moral of that story but we at Digital First Aid are constantly amazed that people fail to understand the importance of an up to date website. We often see a prospective client with a 5year old website that is really looking its age! Even if we could get this old timer to rank well, the conversions from that site would be pitifully low. Modern internet searchers know what they want and want it now! Keep them waiting or make it difficult to navigate the site and your website looks old and out of date, now; what will they think of your business? Sales will decrease, conversions will decrease, bounce rates will increase and you will lose customers.

People evolve; they refine their internet searching and purchasing habits are driven by the latest website trends. What was the new black 5 years ago is positively not anymore; 5 years ago responsive websites were in their infancy and most were simply terrible. Today if you don’t have a responsive website you look like a dinosaur and with as many as 68% of searches in certain sectors coming from mobile, smartphone and tablet searches, you are guaranteed to be exactly like Grandpa’s leaky old roof!

So ask yourself, is my website cutting edge, am I competitive, does my website look better and is it easier to navigate than my competitors? If the answer to any of those question is no, then you need to seriously move ahead with a new website!

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