feasibility studies for new markets

New Territory Feasibility Studies

new market feasibility studiesWe all have great plans for our respective business’s and the advent of the internet has given almost every business the chance to sell their product or service worldwide. Exactly hhow many countries can you sell your product or service in?
There maybe new untapped and lucrative markets out there, how do you know if you should push forward and what form that campaign should take?
Digital First Aid can give you the answers, we can look at any proposed territory and deliver an unbiased report on the feasibility of your product or service in that location.

The language of the internet is English…

Is Your Website Ready For New Territories?

English may be the language of the internet but assuming that everyone in a new territory or market will be happy to buy from you may be a big mistake. Digital First Aid perform feasibility studies in the language of your new proposed market in a localized form allowing for localization’s and colloquialisms of language and purchasing habits in that region. We also look closely at any prospective competitors in that area and estimate the work involved to dislodge them from top places in search engine results and achieve market coverage.

Get a Head Start on the Competition

new business marketsAre your competitors exploring new markets?
Competition in your established markets may be high but a new market could offer a chance to dominate sales and get a head start on the opposition. After an initial discussion most studies are completed in seven days at which point you will have the information on hand to allow you to make a decision re a new territory or market.
Contact us today and we can begin the process of finding new customers for you.