Google Places; A Powerful Tool

google places seo

google places seo Google Places is one of the most valuable weapons you have in your online marketing strategy war chest.
Google Places can allow you to battle it out with the big boys in your industry and to even get better rankings than a company with a budget much larger than yours.

Sound attractive? I bet it does! However a successful and high ranking Google Places listing is much more than submitting your address to Google and hoping for the best. A Google Places listing can be optimized in the same way as any other website and for best results the listing should be set up or checked by a professional in the field of search.

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Google Places is All About Your Location in Your City

Google Places is all about providing the best results for online searchers in your area. If you have a ‘bricks and mortar’ physical location you can reap the benefits of Google Places and the benefits may be many.

Professional Help for Google Places SEO

google places seoA Google Places listing should be treated with care, Google places is notoriously fickle and could drop you from the 1st page completely if you make a small mistake in the optimization of the listing. Getting that listing back to former glory could be difficult and take some time.
For this reason it is prudent to always put control of your Google places listing in the hands of an expert who can maximize rankings and minimize any fluctuation in position.

Google Places SEO Singapore

Digital First Aid have offices in both Singapore, Hong Kong, Australia and Bangkok and have benefited from the experience of getting first page listings for customers worldwide often ranking higher than competitors with greater marketing budgets.

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Tips for Google Places Listings

google places seo

Your Google Places listing can be optimized in the same way as any other webpage within certain restrictions. Here are a some tips on getting the best from your Google places listing:

#1. Fill out your profile fully. The more information you put on your listing the greater the number of keywords you may be found for. Simple math but some Google Places listings are anorexically thin. More information in an easily read and understood format is good for your visitors and good for the SEO of your Google Places listing.

#2. Tell people what you do or sell. It is a basic requirement to tell customers what you do but so many business’s simply don’t do this and assume that searchers will know what they sell, this is a silly flaw easily rectified.

#3. Put you opening hours on the listing. Another very basic mistake that way to many people make on their Google listings, adding opening hours makes the listing look more authoritative and professional; looking professional is one of the major factors in building confidence and improving sales.

#4. Encourage satisfied customers to leave reviews on your Google Places listing, approximately 80% of internet searchers will look for a review, good or bad, before making a purchase. This is reinforcement of consumer confidence for free so use it.

#5. Add images or video to your Google places page, web searching has moved towards images for click and information. Images will also make a Places listing much more interesting for customers.

#6. Do not add keywords to the heading of your Google Places listing, this is a sure way to get your listing unceremoniously dumped out of the top 100 rankings. If your business is Joe Bloggs Ltd, stick to that and do not try to ‘game’ Google by using Joe Bloggs Internet Marketeer. You won’t get away with that for long and the road back will be long and twisting.

#7. Spell-check your listing and all directory listings that mention your business by name and list the address. Ensure that they match your Google Places listing exactly.