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SEO is going local and you better be going with it!

local seo by digital first aid Local SEO can be lucrative for both large and small business’s. Ignoring the rise in local SEO, accessed through smartphones and tablets in addition to desktop searches is a big mistake. Of course the customer base within a smaller/local area may smaller but then the costs of being ranked in a less competitive SEO market can mean top positions and quickly building brand awareness and taking a healthy share of the market in that location.

What is Local SEO?

local seo mapDo not confuse Google Places and Local SEO, Local SEO gets your website found in Google for local based searches i.e. a keyword + a location. Local SEO can be very competitive and is is done with keywords, content and citations, and although local SEO and Google places/My Business do help create more local authority, they are a separate method of ranking your website well.

Isn’t that just Google Places?

Local SEO and Increased Coverage in Search Engines

To benefit from Local SEO, unlike the requirements for Google Places you do not need to have a physical location in that area, simply have a landing page or a specialized pages of your website optimized by a professional to take advantage of that location. Local SEO isn much more than submitting your information online; it involves skills in understanding how the algorithms work for the best local search rankings. Digital First Aid have the experience and skill-set required to establish a local presence for your business. Schedule a consultation with us, or purchase a local optimization package as a stand alone product or as a bolt on or part of one of our all inclusive plans.

Local SEO in Singapore & Hong Kong

The principals applied to a successful Local SEO campaign are the same for any location, combining the correct keywords with the correct local niche for your product or service will drive your business forward. Digital may be based in Singapore, Hong Kong and Bangkok but we can optimize your Local SEO campaign for any location in the world.