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multilingual seo

Google translate is not your friend…

Why Multilingual SEO?

multilingual seo globeIf you have a product or service that can be sold internationally, then you should consider localizing your website and and marketing in new languages and locations
Multilingual SEO is much more than translating (it’s actually localizing not translating) your website into a few languages and sending it out into the world. Multilingual SEO must take into account the search and purchasing behaviour for each new market.
Multilingual SEO should only be undertaken when you have a website that is properly localized in the target language and that markets trends identified.

Can I Use Google Translate For My Website?

One 100% sure fire way to fail and possibly even make a few enemies is to use machine translation of English or any language for a website.

A website must be localized and not translated if it is to succeed. Social and religious toleration can be a tricky subject and differs from country to country, ignoring this emotive subject will result in definite and irreversible failure. Terminology is a vital part of localizing a website, how a product is described in one country may differ greatly from how it is described in another country.

multilingual seo

Multilingual SEO means Optimizing for the Search Engine in your country of choice

Google may have entered the English language as a word to describe any kind of search on the internet but Google is not the only search engine in the world and in some countries it is well down the pecking order. Japan for example is dominated by Yahoo although in a strange twist Yahoo Japan are partnered with Google for search. Baidu in China, Yandex in Russia and Navier in Korea which enjoys a 96% market share. The point is that optimizing your website for different countries may demand a different approach for each one.

Multilingual SEO in Singapore

Digital First Aid have offices in Singapore and Sydney with experience in translating and localizing websites in a number of languages. Optimizing clients online strategies with Multilingual SEO in Singapore has given us valuable experience that we can bring to your online marketing strategy.