Google Adwords Management

ppc adwords Google Adwords or PPC Pay Per Click advertising is another essential tool in your online marketing strategy. PPC allows you instant access to the first page of Google, however PPC is a constituent part of your online campaign, which should be used in conjunction with organic SEO and the other optimization tools at your command.

Correct set up for Google Adwords is, of course, essential but equally as important is the day to day maintenance of the campaign, this involves monitoring positions, conversions and fine tuning your bids to maximize clicks.
Adwords is not for DIY, you should always you use a professional Adwords PPC management company to minimize losses through irrelevant countries, keywords and clicks.

Google handles my PPC Adwords Campaign; aren’t they the best?

Should I Allow Google to Manage My PPC?

google adwordsIf you have an Adwords PPC account you will at some point receive a call from Google offering to manage your Adwords PPC campaign for free. Sounds like the perfect solution, Google managing your Google Adwords campaign, bound to save you money and increase conversions; right?

Sorry, wrong; we have never seen a Google managed campaign that didn’t need to be trimmed to save money on wasted clicks. Remember Google is a business and not a philanthropic organisation, the person managing your PPC Adwords account will simply be someone at a Google call center who has a brief to maximize your spend.

Best Way to Manage a PPC Campaign

Google managed campaigns are often heavy with countries that raise your page views, therefore looking good in your analytics reports.
However be 100% assured that superfluous ads that get clicks will cost you money.

Another unwanted by product of a poorly targeted PPC campaign is the rise in suspicious/spam/scam emails you may get from 3rd world countries. By example if you are a UK based travel company specializing in tours of Australia why would you waste your Adwords budget in Zimbabwe or Nigeria?
You wouldn’t of course but amazingly we have seen those settings in campaigns.

Costs of a PPC Campaign

Contact us for an in-depth review of your PPC campaign. Costing will depend on the number of keywords you wish to be found for and the size and number of Adwords campaigns you want run.
Contact us today and take the first step to increasing your clicks through to your website and conversions to sales.

Google Adwords PPC Management in Singapore

Digital First Aid have experience of PPC Adwords Campaigns not just in Singapore but around the globe, targeting different countries in multiple languages.