Printed Media; Direct Mail, Still a Viable form of Advertising ?

Printed Media; Direct Mail, Still a Viable form of Advertising ?

Printed Media is dead right?

It is true that most marketing companies believe, or would have you believe, that the only way to market is online; websites, social media, search engines. However when the conversion figures for online advertising vs print media are scrutinized, it appears that printed media as a form of marketing is not dead.

The explosion in internet traffic across all devices now means a high percentage of people go online to find a product or service but that leads to competition, their search may return 10 websites offering the same product or service.

Print media in the form of direct mail is quite different, a well-planned direct mail campaign offering a discount or incentive would mean that you were a large fish, possibly the only fish, in a small pond, as opposed to a small fish in an ocean of fish versus an internet search. Via the printed media of direct mail you get a one-on-one with your customer and if that customer is an existing customer the response rate is quite healthy.

Direct print media mailshots to existing customers average a 3.6% response rate versus email at a lowly 0.12%

3.6% could be a very healthy return if your product price point is high, factor in that printed media can be around an office for a long time, versus an email or online search, which ends when the browser is closed. This can have the effect of familiarizing a workforce with your product or service, a trust can be implied by the prolonged presence of your brand on that piece of printed media. Customers or related businesses may see that same piece of printed media, further promoting your brand as a trusted or established business partner. Printed media endures long past the expiry date of email or a website.

Printed Media may be visible in an office or sales counter for a very long time…

Still not convinced? What if I told you that the information in a printed media direct mail would be read at a much higher percentage than a web page? Websites aren’t actually read in a linear way in the same way as printed media. Numerous studies have shown that people scan, not read, websites, looking for something to click that refers to their want or need. This means that your sales pitch often isn’t read, making the task of building brand loyalty that much more difficult.

Today’s market is competitive and a business should use everything in its arsenal to get the highest brand coverage, build trust and increase customer retention. Printed media cannot be excluded from any comprehensive marketing campaign.

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