Real Time Penguin Updates!

Real Time Penguin Updates!

Things Are Looking Up, It’s Happy Penguin Time!

An impending Google Penguin update would normally have SEO’s, online marketers and webmasters breaking sweat and ducking for cover, however everything is about to change .

Google are planning to release a real time penguin update, no longer will webmasters be sent to the bottom of the pile for up to 12 months, now any penalty inducing link that is removed or disavowed will have a real time immediate effect once the link is indexed.

This is great news for SEO’s and webmasters, Google updates have, in the past, been devastating for some online businesses.  The Penguin update of 5th October 2012 wiped out a number of sites and even though webmasters and SEO’s took immediate action, many webmasters didn’t see a change in rankings until the Penguin update of 4th of October 2013. 364 days in the desert of internet rankings is a long, long time for an internet business.

The effect, both positive and negative, of adding or removing toxic links will be in real time, once discovered by Google.

Currently, if a competitor built some toxic links that were indexed and caused your website to drop, you would be in the unenviable position of waiting for the next update to redress that and recover rankings.

We think this is also a good thing as any negative SEO being directed towards your website can be found much earlier, the potential damage minimised and any penalties or loss of position quickly reversed. This update effectively makes negative SEO a thing of the past.

Google hopes to release the update before the end of 2015.

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