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If your reputation is attacked rule #1 is do nothing; you may make things much worse…

If your online reputation is attacked do nothing!

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Reacting to the threat by responding may compound the situation and add more weight to the web page concerned, driving it towards the top of search engines.

Contact a professional who can deal with the issue to quell the threat.

One negative comment on a blog or website could cost an expensive business deal, destroy your reputation or your lifestyle.
The internet is an open and un-policed source that can expose your company to unfounded and malicious rumor and innuendo.
Reputation management is a serious issue and in the online marketplace is essential. Disgruntled ex-employees, competitors or even a difficult customer can have a drastic effect on your reputation.

Reputation Management should be proactive and not reactive

When Should I Implement Reputation Management?

Reputation management can minimize the damage caused by bad press and help with malicious and unfair comments.
However the ‘fix’ may not happen overnight even with the considerable resources and skills of Digital First Aid are brought to bear.

When is the best time to implement reputation management?

Repairing a reputation, whether the damaged reputation is corporate or personal is always much more difficult than silencing a potential threat. “Least said easiest mended” is the rule in this case.
Sadly most people will think about a damaged reputation or how to remove untrue or defamatory comments posted in a blog when comments are highly visible and the damage is done.

It’s the one you don’t see that knocks you out…

Monitor Your Online Environment

reputation management monitoringBoxers have a saying: ‘It’s the one you don’t see that knocks you out.’ This is very true and even more so for Reputation management.
If your online reputation is constantly monitored then any PR disaster, real or threatened could in most cases be avoided.

If you don’t task someone to monitor your brand online, you may find out too late and after a considerable number of customers and potential clients, have seen the bad press, obviously, it’s too late then and damage limitation is your only route!

Digital First Aid use reputation management software to monitor the internet and blog posts for a combination of potentially damaging phrases or words associated with your trading name.
When a threat is identified we move quickly to avert the threat before it reaches the top pages of the search engines and maximum exposure/ damage for you.

Corporate Reputation Management

reputation management crisisCorporate Reputation Management should never be an after thought, it is absolutely essential and we are frequently amazed by the complete lack of monitoring implemented by many companies.

The cost of not having this form of brand management insurance in place can be staggering. A damaged reputation online can affect not only sales and profitability but also one of the most vital resources any corporation can have, recruitment. The best people in any industry are always in demand. It is easy to lose the best and brightest in the market because of innuendo and rumor or even worse a caustic viral campaign instigated by one of your competitors.

Think of digital first aid as your online radar; always scanning the net for and at the first sign of trouble we move, swiftly and silently to deal with the threat; chances are the world may never know it happened

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Reputation Management is not rocket science and if you follow a set of rules you may never find your company in need of a reputation management repair.
The importance of Reputation Management increases in line with the contract value of the product or service you offer. If you sell fishing flies that retail for a few cents each the impact of some bad press will and of course your reputation management budget will not be as deep as that of a multi-national company practicing Reputation management in Singapore.

#1. Customer Service; Sounds like common sense but if you make a lot of people happy some of them will write about you, recommend you and create some good news online. Make someone unhappy with your service and they will tell anyone who will listen. This is not news, it is how things have been since trading began. However the internet can put that bad news or review in front of millions of people and once that bad press is there it will stay there forever!

Remember 80% of people who buy from you will search for reviews online. Then if any bad press comes along it may be buried in all that good feeling you created. If you have an issue with a customer or client, deal with it, leave nothing to chance and make sure they are happy and still speaking to you when the dust settles.

#2. Have a ‘money back offer’ Many business owners will cringe when reading that last statement but think about it.
Scenario 1; A customer buys an item and for whatever reason wants to return it. You say no and in frustration he goes blogging about your poor service. Over the next 5 years 11,000 people read that post and 11,000 of them don’t buy anything from you.
Scenario 2; A customer buys an item and for whatever reason wants to return it. You have a money back offer and promptly exchange goods for cash. Customer is very happy, comes back again in the future because of the trust you have created and even comments on a popular review site about your prompt and outstanding service; 200 new customers buy from you on the strength of that review.
No one likes to give money back but sometimes one return can cultivate a lot of new sales. In short; if they don’t want it give them their money back!

#3. Make reputation management a real position not an afterthought. Do you know what people are saying about you right now; when was the last time you checked? If you haven’t Googled you company name + reviews then you are making a serious omission from your online presence and could be loosing sales daily. If you do find something derogatory DO NOTHING and contact a professional to deal with it, try to fix it in house and you could be losing sales because of the review or comment for years to come.

#4. Monitor everything, even what your staff say online can be extremely damaging. Corporate Reputation Management is something that savvy companies practice diligently, silly comments by stall members on platforms such as facebook can be highly visible and very damaging. The higher the unit cost of the product or service you sell the greater the damage for every sale that is diverted and lost because of a bad review or blog post. Big companies know that ex employees can be bitter and malicious, because of the knowledge they have of your company they can be very damaging. Not every partnership ends well and the internet offers a very big stage to anyone who wants to listen. Keeping a watchful eye on what is being said about you can help to head off possible problems before they become real problems.