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You have to sit by the side of a river a very long time before a roast duck will fly into your mouth

-Guy Kawasaki

Good SEO can place your website in top 3 position in search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Good placement in search engines is essential for online success, the top 3 places on page one of Google can hog 75% of all searches.
Increasing you web visibility with good SEO is the cornerstone of any online marketing campaign: more visibility – more visitors to your website – more sales!

There are no guarantees in SEO

Guaranteed SEO Singapore

seo guarantee Singapore

‘There are no guarantees in SEO’ how many times have you heard that?
Of course nothing is 100% certain but we at Digital First Aid are so confident of what we do that we offer a guarantee.

If 5 of your core keywords lose 5 places or more then you don’t pay is until we get you back again for free!

We haven’t seen the same SEO guarantee offered by any other SEO company to date and there is a reason for that. Being good at what we do takes time and effort that most SEO’s simply do not invest in their clients.
Digital First Aid are so confident of our SEO that we put our neck on the line and guarantee it to sail through updates.
Killer Panda’s and Ninja Penguin updates wreaked havoc on many SEO campaigns but our clients sailed through because we are good at what we do.
Seen that guarantee anywhere else? Didn’t think so.

The sound of 2nd place is silence…

SEO Company in Singapore

seo company singaporeThe difference in valuable traffic and visitors between #1 and #2 in Google can be 30% in some sectors so having your website up to date with the latest SEO practices makes sound financial advice. SEO is not a one time fix, if you do not keep your strategy up to date with the latest changes and do not constantly increase the popularity of your website you will fail and fall behind the competition.

Good results, high positions and being found by search engines is no accident, good coverage in any sector is due to constant optimization for search engines to keep your website up to date.
You have the latest phone, your computer is probably less than one year old, so why let your website get out of touch with latest SEO Practices? Google for example updates their algorithm on average once a day, most changes are small, some are not and require fast action by your SEO company to keep your website competitive and stop you losing position and reach.

Google Places in Singapore

google Having a well optimized local / Google Places listing is absolutely essential. A places listing may allow your website to be displayed above other competitors with greater budgets.
Smartphone searches present a high percentage of Google Places listings and for anyone not familiar with the layout of Singapore having that red pin on a map might just get you a new customer. Google places is a platform that is evolving fast and new advances will use technology that will personalise searches by your position showing you a selection of local business’s relevant to your location at that time. There are great advantages to be gained by optimizing your Google Places listing.

SEO Services Singapore

Tech savvy Asians are the biggest internet users on the planet, 44% of all internet use is in the Asia Pacific zone.
As an Asian based business it is essential to increase your visibility across all platforms including local SEO and that all important mobile friendly tag will help you rank higher in mobile and smartphone searches. This dictates a different SEO strategy than desktop based searching.
With the advances in data transfer there is a good chance that the CEO or management of a company will search for the product or service you supply on a train while travelling to the office, or while having a coffee, but you must match Google’s guidelines for mobile search.