The Death Of Negative SEO

The Death Of Negative SEO

The Death Of Negative SEO (Well, sort of)

If by negative SEO you mean building toxic links to a website in an attempt to negatively influence their rankings in search engines, then yes, negative SEO is all but dead.

There was a time when unscrupulous competitors or spammers could launch an attack on your website by doing just that, building links from old worn out link farms, heavy with similar anchor text, to target a keyword, and more often than not, if your website didn’t have an ocean of good links, and it worked.
If this attack coordinated with an update, your website could be in tumbleweed city until the next update was rolled out!

What’s different now? Simple: with the impending Google Penguin Real Time Update, any toxic links can be disavowed or removed and the detrimental effect redressed once Google indexes the link again.
So all is good in the world of Google, attacks on your website can be rectified quickly by your SEO provider and any damage redressed in days, not months.

The only question is: why was this algorithm change not made possible years ago!

It is a fair question and one which many webmasters and SEO’s would ask with a fist pointed skyward. Negative SEO and to a greater extent, the ability to recover from update penalties, is something that should have been addressed on day one of Google’s master plan.

Of course there is another form of negative SEO, false/ bad reviews and forum post slurs that hope to damage a brand. That is a completely different ballgame with a different strategy required to combat it, but that’s a story for another day…

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