When Is An SEO Not An SEO?

When Is An SEO Not An SEO?

We have seen the SEO industry change beyond recognition since its inception.
There was a time when SEO was onsite and sourcing links, a fire and forget occupation with the solitary goal of getting a customer on the first page of Google.
Those days are long gone and I now feel that, no let me rephrase that: I now know that I am so much more than an SEO!

I am so much more than an SEO!

The modern conscientious SEO embraces so much more than links and onsite, today’s SEO has evolved to embrace every aspect of Online Marketing and Brand Development. Successful SEO Companies have added, for them, new people to their skills base. The list of disciplines is long and ever evolving, and each one is necessary to maxamise your business.

The services we offer as SEO’s have massive overlaps; website design for example encompasses a good user interface, conversion rate optimization (an ongoing and evolving strategy), site architecture for SEO and content marketing.
Social Media increases brand awareness and as such, is a major part of brand development . Then of course we have email marketing, a properly targeted campaign using the right signals will bring a return.
Printed Media, yes seriously, especially for existing customers, send them an offer or discount, you will be surprised at just how many responses you will get.

Today’s SEO wears many hats, he needs to; getting a customer to page one of Google means nothing if the other parts of his online marketing strategy are not up to strength. As SEO’s we know that for an effective campaign we need access to your social media accounts, your facebook, G+, Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter, or at the very least give you guidelines for each. We know that we need to monitor your online reputation, your reviews; we really need to be proactive for your business.
However there is a catch 22 attached to this change in what we do. I am a marketing consultant; I help people to grow their business on and offline and to increase conversions and sales. That is what my job has become, however people don’t originally come to us for a marketing consultant, in the first instance people come to us for SEO.
SEO is an essential part of any online marketing campaign but because of the prominence afforded it in customers perception of all things internet, we have a site that promotes SEO Services.

I am an online marketeer, a brand developer, a CRO, data analyist, email campaigner, a printed media coordinator; and yes I am an SEO.

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